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Online florist subscription

Branding & packaging

Vela set out to create an elevated offering in the fast-growing world of ‘flower tech’. With market leaders Bloom & Wild, new contenders Bloomon & Freddie’s Flowers building consumer awareness and demand for subscription flower delivery, Vela launched to capture the premium sphere of the consumer and business flower delivery market, and needed to raise eyebrows with a distinct visual personality.


The visual identity glimpses at the joy and indulgence of receiving flowers, of opening, unwrapping and discovering what lays within. Bespoke lettering and patterning of the outer and inner packaging work together to create intrigue and a sense of grandeur, hinting at the forms and textures of flora, without being too literal. This was a key part of the brief, leaving the business proposition open to the possibility of expanding beyond flowers.


Applied to the packaging, still fully recyclable, the pattern wraps around the entire box for maximum visual impact when it drops through the letterbox: Vela is clearly not another bill. 

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