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London Edition

Celebrating 300 years of inspiration

216 The Strand has been the physical and spiritual home for this iconic tea brand ever since Thomas Twinings opened the doors in 1706. For over 300 years they have been inspired by this iconic and creative capital.


London draws millions of visitors each year from across the globe, and Twinings wanted to create a selection of iconic blends that would celebrate the city, and provide a recognisable yet contemporary take on the London souvenir for tea loving anglophiles. 


The resulting four packs draw upon four pioneering and creative sides to the city: architecture, style, transport and theatre. The designs delve deep into the nuances of what is indelibly London in each of these themes, but also nods to what is hovering under the radar, ready to be discovered by those city dwellers in the know. The outcome is layered and rich in discovery, just like our very own creative capital.

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