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Advertising re - imagined

Branding & strategy

Bagboard set out with the grand vision of re framing the world of advertising, to allow the consumer to have control over how, when and where they engage with advertising in an effort to create positive and meaningful interactions between brands and consumers. The starting point; a recyclable paper shopping bag, a walking billboard carried by the consumer, gaining thousands of touch - points per person, the consumer can choose to digitally engage with the adverts and as a result earn rewards for social change. Everyone is a winner.


The problem was communicating this to investors, with experience and contacts in both finance and retail Bagboard had a captive audience but lacked clarity in their delivery. Collaborating with the in-house team, we re-wrote the brand strategy, and reframed the identity to allow both brand and consumer to work in harmony, creating a visual world that celebrated the analogue and digital coming together. 

Project in collaboration with Sophie Walters - the in house designer at the time.

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