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Reaching above, delving below;

looking for ideas in unexpected places.

Sophie Garwell of Hesper Design

I'm a freelance graphic designer with 9 years experience in branding and packaging. Along the way I’ve collected some useful skills, pushing and prodding always with the hope of creating interesting and engaging work. Leading a number of creative projects through all stages, from initial pitch presentations to final production across focused and diverse portfolios, looking at a range of activations in the process. Creating clear and relevant visual worlds.


I’m at my best when approaching creative concepts with a strategic frame, and I have applied this to a variety of clients over the years, from large brands in the food and drinks sector, to small independent businesses and start ups. Each with their own path to navigate to a considered outcome. 



I would like to add value rather than diminish with the work I create.

R - DESIGN - 2 years

BRANDOPUS - 5 years

FREELANCE - 2 years

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